How to Dress for a Winery | SHOPFANDL.COM

Are you looking to travel to Napa or a local winery? F+L Boutique has you covered when it comes to dressing for a winery. You’ll want to prioritize comfort and practicality while still looking stylish and respectful of the vineyard setting. Here's some suggested outfit ideas:

For Women:

•A maxi dress or chic sundress

•Non distressed or lightly distressed darker washed jeans with a comfortable but elevated blouse or t-shirt

•A lightweight cardigan or sweater for cooler moments

•Closed-toe shoes with good grip (wedges, flats, or sneakers). Winery tours often mean walking through the vines and rougher terrain so safety and comfort first.

•A wide-brimmed hat or a stylish scarf for sun protection

•Simple jewelry, like a gold necklace or earrings and stacked or cuff bracelet to add a touch of elegance.


For Men:

1. Dark-washed jeans or trousers with a comfortable button-down shirt or polo

2. A lightweight jacket or sweater for cooler moments

3. Closed-toe shoes with good grip ( loafers, sneakers, or boots)

4. A baseball cap or a fedora for a stylish touch

5. Minimal jewelry, like a watch or a simple necklace

General Tips:

· Dress in layers, as wineries can be hot during the day and cool in the evening

· Opt for comfortable shoes, as you'll likely be walking and standing

· Avoid strong perfumes or colognes, as they may interfere with wine tasting

· Be mindful of the winery's dress code, if specified

Remember, the key is to be comfortable and confident while showing respect for the winery and its surroundings. Cheers to a wonderful time and learning more about wine.