Style Tip🖤Denim

🖤Style Tip🖤 Do you know how to shop for denim? We can help you...
⭐️Fabric is everything. Make sure you touch and feel denim before buying. It should never feel stiff or thin. ⭐️Look at stitching around hems, pockets and sides. We like a double stitch or even a thicker single row of stitches. Make sure there are no gaps in stitching, raised stitching or loose threads.
⭐️Check the buttons and zippers. Do they look like good quality and feel secure? Is the zipper a smooth glide when you zip it up and down?
⭐️Stretch is great, but you never want too much stretch. You never want your skinny jeans to start looking baggy in the knees or butt. Look for denim with a lower percentage of stretchy fabric. We like 2% spandex or Lycra. And don’t be afraid to stretch the jeans in the store to see if they quickly recover back.
⭐️Price isn’t everything, but it’s a good sign you will get more cost per wear. Try on a high end brand ($150 or more), a mid range brand ($100 to $50) than a low end brand ($50 or less) and see if you can see and feel the difference.
We personally love the line of denim we carry. We fell in love with the brand about 4 years ago on a buying trip to LA. They wear and feel like high end denim at a mid range price point. Which pair is your favorite for SS20?