The Old Money Aesthetic | SHOPFANDL.COM

Incoming stitch: Have you seen what’s breaking the internet right now? The old money aesthetic is all over TikTok and social media thanks to new it girl Sofia Richie and her wedding weekend looks from her nuptials in the South of France. The old money aesthetic is based on a wealthy lifestyle of classic, timeless and sophisticated looks. Think Jacquline Kennedy or a Ralph Lauren ad campaign where the models look classy and wealthy in an understated way.

The show Succession has also exposed people to more obscure luxury brands like Brunello Cucinelli and Loro Piana. It’s not about head to toe logos that imply you have a need to impress others. Wealth whispers. It’s about confidence and class. For outfit looks we suggest fabrics/patterns like cotton, denim, tweed, plaid and houndstooth for a classic look. For accessories that showcase the old money aesthetic we suggest structured leather bags, diamond studs, silk scarves, a simple gold bangle, headbands and anything classic pearls. We pulled a few of our favorite and top selling accessories that exude the old money aesthetic so you can get the look for less. All accessories are in store now and on SHOPFANDL.COM