Meet The F+L Boutique Team🖤


TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: Hi 👋 I’m Amber and I was born and raised in the First State of Delaware. I have a MBA focused on Organizational Leadership and I worked in HR for a Fortune 100 company for 13 years before I quit to pursue my passion of opening my own business. I’m so proud to say I’m the owner + founder of F+L Boutique and we have been in business since 2010. I married my wonderful husband Jarrad in 2004 and we have the silliest French Bulldog named Biggs. And most of you already know that I gave birth to my son Kennett in Feb 2020 because I spam everyone with pics of him☺️🥰😊

FAVORITE QUOTE: We started saying “What would Chanel do?” around the shop and it just kind of stuck. It’s especially helpful to say when we are making decisions to improve and grow the business. Even though we aren’t a high end luxury brand like Chanel, we still ensure we continue to stand out and be unique in the independently owned boutique world. We are all about FASHIONABLE + LUXE things. A great example of this is our new remodel and rebranding and the fact that we have certified personal stylists on staff. And just like Chanel, we are obsessed with providing a seamless luxury shopping experience for every client.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING AT F+L:100% the people that I work with and the customers!! I love chatting and catching up with each of you when you visit!

FAVORITE LINE/PRODUCT WE OFFER AT F+L: This is tough because I love sooo many things we curate for the shop. We have some amazing new lines coming and we are growing with our new business venture F+L Home. Currently, my favorite line in store right now are @powerbeadsbyjen We offer both the 7 inch and 8 inch bracelets.

BUCKET LIST TRAVEL DESTINATION: Bora Bora,@amangiri in Utah or any @rosewoodhotels in the world

IF YOU HAD 30 MINS OF FREE TIME WHAT WOULD WE FIND YOU DOING: Checking out fashion trends and home styling ideas on Pinterest or Instagram


TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: Hi 👋 My name is Amanda and I live right here in Middletown with my husband Gary and my two handsome boys Lincoln and Dawson. I love being a boy mom! My background is in Early Childhood Education. Before I had my own children I actually taught at St. Andrews right here in Middletown, DE.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Everything happens for a reason” This quote has always helped lead me in the right direction. This quote lead me to make the switch a few years ago from a stay at home mom to my next step of joining the F+L team. When preschool worked out for my youngest Dawson I took it as a sign to join the F+L team. It has now lead me into the right direction again with starting F+L Home with Amber.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING AT F+L: I love working with the other F+L fashion advisors, styling the customers and the constant changing of inventory. Between styling the space, the events (pre Covid), the change of seasons and how fast our inventory moves no two days are alike. There is always something exciting happening!

FAVORITE LINE/PRODUCT WE OFFER AT F+L: I have sensitive ears so I love our @loverstempo earrings. I’m also obsessed with the comfort and style of @toms especially their booties and classic style.BUCKET LIST TRAVEL DESTINATION: Italy 🇮🇹

IF YOU HAD 30 MINS OF FREE TIME WHAT WOULD WE FIND YOU DOING: I would be sipping on a coffee and scrolling thru Pinterest for decor inspiration and DIY projects.


TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: Hi! My name is Alyssa and I was born and raised right here in Middletown, DE. I recently graduated from Washington College with a degree in Psychology and am currently pursuing a masters degree at Wilmington University in School Counseling! I am also an Earth lover so I am always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint🌎(which is just one more thing to love about our F+L reusable tote bags!) 🖤

FAVORITE QUOTE: “When you focus on the good, the good gets better.” I love this quote because I always try to look at the bright side of things and I think that perspective is so important ☀

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING AT F+L:  All of the happy people! It’s so great to come into F+L and just have fun shopping and chatting with all of the amazing ladies that come in! 😊

FAVORITE LINE/PRODUCT WE OFFER AT F+L: I love @sweetwaterdecor ! There is a little something for everyone from candles to drink ware and it is all super cute. ☕


IF YOU HAD 30 MINS OF FREE TIME WHAT WOULD WE FIND YOU DOING:  Most likely I would be reading. I love books of any genre and am always open to new recommendations!📚🐛l 


TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: Hi, my name is Cassidy and I am from a small town in Maryland! I recently graduated from Delaware Valley University #goaggies and am also a veterinary technician! I love animals almost as much as I love shopping.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “No rain, no flowers” would be my favorite quote, it’s always helped me know we are put through hard times for a reason.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING AT F+L:  I love working with all of the amazing F+L stylists as well as helping our wonderful customers find things they feel comfortable in! I love merchandising all the new arrivals. It’s so much fun to find where different products fit!

FAVORITE LINE/PRODUCT WE OFFER AT F+L:  Ellie Vail jewelry is by far my favorite line we offer! We carry gold and silver jewelry from this line that is all hypoallergenic as well as sweat and water proof! I never take my jewelry off and I also have sensitive skin so this line checks all the boxes!


IF YOU HAD 30 MINS OF FREE TIME WHAT WOULD WE FIND YOU DOING:   would be playing with one of my many fur babies or doing school work, really depends on the day haha


TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: Hi! My name is Tori and I grew up right here in Middletown 📍I obtained my Honors Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware ‘23 and I am currently interviewing for medical school 🩺 Medicine + Fashion = Happy Tori!

FAVORITE QUOTE: “She believed she could, so she did.” This quote has continued to be my fuel for everything I do and pursue. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? I thrive to put my best foot forward everyday and always encourage others to do the same 🤍

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORKING AT F+L:  I love that all of my ideas and opinions are taken seriously and actually encouraged! It’s always a great feeling working with people who value you.

FAVORITE LINE/PRODUCT WE OFFER AT F+L:  I live for candles so I must say that I love our Luxe fragrances candle collection. We currently have a chai tea candle that is to die for and after you are done with the candle you can repurpose the container!


IF YOU HAD 30 MINS OF FREE TIME WHAT WOULD WE FIND YOU DOING: I would definitely be online shopping and practicing surgical suturing!

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